“Aside from the usual Big Lunch necessities (home-cooked food brought to share, the opportunity to play football, cricket and mini-tennis in the middle of the road), the rabbit that GARA pulled out of the hat was… Tom the spellbinding magician who wowed children of all ages with his wonderful tricks”

David Yass, Chair of Gondar and Agamemnon Residents' Association


“Fantastic entertainment, would highly recommend. Was a great success with our group, and many are still talking about this today. Thanks Tom!”

Tanya Pooley, Balance


“I had Tom performing his magic at my 40th birthday party and it was probably the one thing that made that particular birthday better that all the others. All the guests were charmed, engaged and completely taken by his tricks.

When he did his little show, we were all children again so I guess his magic worked in more than one way. Incredibly enough no one thought of getting their mobile phones to take pictures or videos as we were all too engaged with wanting to know what would happen next.

However, the magic itself is not what makes Tom so absolutely fantastic. His best feature is the manner he does it, friendly, approachable, sometimes it seems he's just as surprised as you are at the impossible things happening in front of you, which oddly, makes you not wanting to question and confront the tricks but actually wanting to believe it's all possible in a world of magic. I know I did”

Mihaela Serban


“Tom Grubb is a real magician. I love his tricks.”

Wahiba Malek


“Tom Grubb did a show at my engagement party and totally smashed it! It was so fun, It's the thing people remember most from the event.”

Michelle Hemmingfield


“Tom was excellent!!! I would use him again and again and again highly recommend him!!!!”

Eileen Driscoll


“Tom, thank you for the wonderful magic show which made Eileen's birthday the perfect party. You provided a great mix of magic to suspend reality and you helped to create a truly memorable occasion. What an inspired idea for a birthday present.”



“Tom showed us some amazing tricks with cards and our own property (which he returned intact) but we were particularly fascinated by his rope trick which involved, with Ron’s assistance, cutting pieces of rope and magically joining them again. We all felt we could use this skill at home!”

Ickenham Church News